Face Treatments
1 Ayurvedic Facial
It is best holistic beauty treatment using ayurvedic medicine which are made from herbal and natural ingredients.
Benefits of ayurvedic facial
  • 1 Restores moisture
  • 2 Reduce skin dullness
  • 3 Reguce sagging of skin
  • 4 Removes facial toxins
  • 5 Retains overall youth
  • 6 Retains vitality of facial tissue
2. Ayurvedic peels
Peels remove or peel of the outer dead skin and improve skin appearance
Benefits of peel
  • 1 Reduce fine lines
  • 2 Reduce wrinkles
  • 3 Reduce scars
  • 4 Reduce darkness
3 Ayurvedic kizhi
Kizhis are pottlis of small bags filled with ayurvedic medicine. The kizhi facial is done by using ayurvedic potlis .
Benefits of kizhi
  • 1. Reduce wrinkle
  • 2. Reduce Dark circles
  • 3. Reduce fine lines
  • 4. Improves complexion
4 Nasyam
Nasyam treatment is administration of ayurvedic medicine through the nostril
Benefits of nasyam
  • 1. Improves skin tone
  • 2. Improves complexionn
5 S.S. therapy
In s.s. therapy facial massage is done with ayurvedic medicated oil and ayurvedic herbal steam is given
Benefits of s.s. therapy
  • 1 Smoothens the skin
  • 2 Softens the skin
  • 3 Improves complexion
6. Leech therapy
It is the therapy done with the help of a living leech . It helps to cure skin diseases caused due to blood impurities.
Benefits of Raktamokshanam
  • 1. Cure of skin disease
7. Skin Rejuvenation
Due to factors like aging, sun exposure, stress , smoking, dietary habits etc skin undergoes lot of stress and strain. Skin rejuvenation is a group of treatments , therapies and procedures performed by expert doctors to repair and rejuvenate.

YOU NEED SKIN REJUVENATION IF ..If you have ahe related conditions like wrinkles ,fine lines, sagging of skin or dullness.
If you have pigmentation related concern like uneven skin tone, sun spot , ahe spot, tanning etc.
If you have skin texture related concerns like scarring, pitting, large open pores ect.
If you have dermatological conditions like melasma, freckles , lentigines etc.
8 Anti aging treatment
With the growing age skin lose its firmness due to loss of collagen. Due to aging and prolong sun exposure skin become dull and patchy. It is impossible to avoid aging but one can definitely avoid looking age by taking anti aging treatments.

Anti aging treatments are advised from age 35
Anti aging treatments are classified into two
A) PREVENTIVE – For preventing the aging effect
B) CORRECTIVE – For correcting the concerns on skin due to aging
factors that aggrivate aging
  1. 1 Sun exposure
  2. 2 Exposure to pollution
  3. 3 Stress
  4. 4 Lack of physical excercise
  5. 5 Disturbed sleep cycle
  6. 6 Improper diet
  7. 7 Smoking habit
  8. 8 Alcohol consumption
9 Scar reduction treatment / Microneedling
Scars which are left on the skin due to acne, accident or infections like chicken pox can be reduced by treatments at Cosmokarma. At cosmokarma we do Suchi kurchanam ayurvedic treatment which is also called microneedling . Microneedling procedure is done with the use of devices like Dermaroller or dermapen by qualified and trained doctors. This procedure involves sterilised micro needles pricking the skin hence called microneedling.      
The microneedling give small sterile planned wounds which cause your body to make more collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin heal the scars and pitting to give even textured and smooth skin.
Microneedling help to resolve following skin related concerns.
  • 1)Fine lines
  • 2)Wrinkles
  • 3) Scarring
  • 4) Acne
  • 5) Pigmentation
  • 6) Strech marks
  • 7) Loose skin
  • – Advanced techniques
  • – Researched Protocols
  • – Scientific Procedures
  • – Effective treatment
  • – No downtime  
 Medi-facial treatments are done by expert doctor at cosmetic clinic .
At cosmokarma medi-facial treatments are done by two ways
A) Ancient Ayurvedic Traditional ways using ayurvedic dravya and ancient equipments
B) Advanced modern techniques combined with ayurvedic concept and medicine ways
All advanced medi-facial treatments are done by using ayurvedic medication with the smooth blending usage of modern advanced technology machineries like Laser, HF, RF , Omega light , LED light , sono upscale , Hydra probe, oxy jet probe, meso probe etc
A) Hydrafacial
Benefits of Hydrafacial
  • – – works on all skin types
  • – Immediate results
  • – Non invasive
  • – Restores firmness
  • – Safe and effective
  • – Affordable
Hydrafacial is medi- facial treatment done by profession expert doctor at cosmetic clinic. It is done using specially designed device to deliver cleaning , exfoliating , extraction , and hydration . In this procedure dead skin , dirt , debris and impurities all are removed to get clean smooth and glowing skin.
B) Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation is also called as Photofacial or PDT (Photo Dynamic Treatment). Photo means light . It is laser light therapy that stimulates collagen protein production. It hence mentions the elasticity and texture of skin hence reducing wrinkles , fine lines, scar ,pores, sun damage.

C) Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrassion (MDA) is non invasive clinical procedure to give skin rejuvenation effect. The doctor sprays or ribs fine crystals onto the skin with wand that gently exfoliates the surface , removing the top layer . The removel of top skin layer giving the benefits like decreasing pigmentation, scar marks, sun damage etc.

D) Light Mask Therapy

LED mask therapy is non invasive treatment that utilizes different wavelengths of light to help treat various skin issues . RED – Red light stimulates collagen production , increase blood circulation hence improving skin health and decreasing wrinkles , fine lines. BLUE – Blue light kills acne causing bacteria and also decrease oil production in skin sebaceous glands. YELLOW – Yellow light reduce redness by penetrating deep into the skin. It fades fine lines and improves tone. GREEN – Green light heals broken capillaries and reduce skin aging effects. It even ours the skin tone..

E) Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is process of transdermal drug or medicines delivery by use of voltage gradient . It is process of sending a gentle electrical current through skin. The medicine molecules are transported across the skin layers by process of electrophoresis and electrosmosis. It increase permeability of skin and gives best effect of applied medicine.

F) Telsa HF Therapy

Telsa HF therapy uses high frequency low grade current that has a gentle and safe oscillating oxygenating power. It increases the oxygen in skin cells, improving overall health of skin cells. It is excellent treatment for open pores, blackheads, Whiteheads, eye puffiness,fine lines etc..

G) Thermage RF Therapy

It is non surgical non invasive method of tightening the skin. RF waves produce heat energy that stimulates skin protein collagen formation which tightens the skin to give anti aging effect.

H) Ultherapy

The Ultherapy uses ultrasonic energy to lift and tighten the skin. It stimulates collagen production hence removing scarring and pitting to give smooth textured skin.