Weight Loss Treatments
Obesity is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. Obesity often results from taking in more calories than burnt out by normal daily activities and excercise. Causes of obesity

Potential complications of obesity

1) U Lipolysis
U lipolysis or ultrasound lipolysis is the most revolutionary and non surgical method of reducing excess fat from various areas of the body . It is absolutely painless , safe and effective method to get brid of those excess inches as compared to the surgical invasive process of fat removal
2) RF Lipo Therapy
In RF lipolysis procedure radio frequency is applied over targeted area the heat energy produced cause fat cells to die without affecting the surrounding other skin tissue cells . This procedure not only decreases fat but also stimulate collagen production which helps to tighten the skin. The temporary side effects like warmth, redness tissue , tenderness which subsides in an hour or two
3) EMS therapy
EMS ( Electronic Muscle Stimulation ) is a very effective treatment method which stimulates the muscles of targeted areas using electrical impulses. The mild electrical impulses help in the contraction of the muscles. EMS gives effect of full body workout it acts as a pseudo gym. Systemic muscle Stimulation increases the basal metabolic rate by burning more calories while contraction of the muscle. The muscle is strengthened and fat is burnt out for fulfilment of calories need.
4) Laser Lipolysis
Laser lipolysis is procedure in which medical grade laser pads are attached to the targeted area with the help of belts. The laser energy emitted is converted into heat and the fat cells are targeted. It preferentially affect fat cells and they are broken down to die without affecting the surrounding tissues, organs or cells
5) G10 Cellulite Lipolysis
G10 cellulite massage device is applied to the targeted part of body i e. More fat accumulated areas where it acts and increase the lymphatic drainage to detoxify. It also accelerates blood circulation in the body, relieve pain , relaxes body and tightens the skin .
6) Thermo Lipolysis
Thermolipolysis is based on the degradation of excess fat stored in body cells by making an increase in local temperature. An easy and effective non-invasive alternative for body sculpting and inch-loss, it helps the body get rid of the excess fat and toxins through increased metabolism in the targeted areas.
In thermo lipolysis treatment the heat energy is used to degrade the excess fat cells stored in the body . The fat cell membrane is broken with the local increase in the temperature. It is very easy effective, non invasive alternative for body sculpting and inch loss. It helps the body to get rid of the excess fat and toxins through increased metabolism in the targeted parts of the body.
7)Galvanic Therapy
In this therapy small amount of galvanic current is passed through the targeted parts of the body. The current breaks the fat membrane and fluid content of cell is removed by the lymphatic system drainage. This procedure is combined with the application of fat dissolving medication which get well penetrated due to the same galvanic current applied.
8) Ayurvedic udvartanam
Udwartanam is ayurvedic treatment in which the ayurvedic medicine is scrubbed on the body or targeted parts of the body. The scrubbing produces local heat which dissolves subcutaneous fats . The Udwartanam scrubbing also exfoliates the skin which aid in more absorption of the medicine.
9) Ayurvedic Kizhi Treatment
Kizhi are the small pouches or potli made up of cloth filled with powdered medicine / medicated rice / or medicinal plant leaves. These potlis or kizhis are heated and applied on targeted areas of the body . The potlis when come in contact with the heat release the medivines in active form to act .
  • A) Navarkizhi
  • B) Podikizhi
  • C) Elakizhi
10) Panchkarma treatments
All five panchkarma procedures can be performed according to the naadi and disease conditions.
  • 1 Vamanam
  • 2 Virechanam
  • 3 Basti
  • 4 Nasyam
  • 5 Raktamokshanam